The Best Share Trading Options You Need to Know About

You can trade shares online independently, quickly and easily. Moreover, free and non-binding practice is possible. Do you want to know how you can start with this? Read this article.

You can trade shares online yourself

Equity trading, like most of the industrialized world, took part in the internet revolution. Trading in shares can now be done independently and at home, simply on the couch with your laptop, tablet or smartphone. This does not require much. On the device of your choice you will only have to install software if you want to trade in shares. You do not have to go deep in your pocket for this, because this software is offered everywhere on the internet for free. With the use of the 10-Capital review the results come as the best.

Free software with which you can invest in America

We also offer free software that allows you to invest on stock exchanges from all over the world. You can download it via the link at the bottom of this article. Yet we are not done with this yet, because the free software that we offer has a notable possibility: free demo investing.

What is demo investing?

You can invest with our free software demo. When you invest a demo, you trade with fictitious money at real prices. This option is ideal for the novice investor, as it allows them to gain experience with real prices without running a financial risk.

Demo investing is almost indistinguishable from investing with real money because the possibilities in the software are exactly the same. If you invest a demo, you will receive around € 20,000 in fictional starting money. This allows you to open and close positions just like a real investor. It is not that every time you start again at zero. You open a position and close it again if you think it is best. You act like a real investor, only with fictional money.

The Best Share Trading Options You Need to Know About

Trading shares online

You can make optimum use of this. At first you start investing in demo and you get to know the stock market and the software. When you have made steps and get to know the software, you can start thinking big. You have gained the necessary experience, and if investing suits you, you could decide to invest with real money. With a push you can then move on to the real thing. You don’t have to get used to the method and you can continue in the same way. You can start investing (and thereby make a profit).

Tips for trading shares online

  • First create a free demo account via this link
  • Trade with around 20,000 euros in fictitious money at real rates
  • First gain experience with online stock trading in demo mode
  • Only switch to real mode when there is sufficient experience

Note: You may appreciate reading some experiences with the free software. We therefore offer written experiences in which you can read step by step what exactly is involved in an investment.