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Duck family
Sunny street Snow flower

By Oleg Babinets

September 2017

Minsk Sunset

Minsk Sunset

July 2017

Минская цапля
Минская мухоловка-пеструшка
Минская цапля
Минский заяц
Ёжик в тумане
Minsk  Ferret
Minsk  Beautiful Sunrise
Minsk  Beautiful Sunrise
Minsk Sunrise
Minsk Sunrise
Minsk Sunrise

Minsk Birds, Hare, Hedgehog, Ferret and Sunrise

June 2017

Balloons on a branch
Minsk Sunset
Flushing Swan

Balloons on a Branch, Minsk Sunset, Flushing Swan

May 2017

Minsk stork
Minsk beaver
Jay nest
Starling babies
Starling Family
Starling Chicks
I Love You

Stork, Beaver, Jay Baby and Nest, Starling Babies and Mother, Clouds, I Love You

March 2017

March Morning
Sunrise in Minsk
Sunrise in Minsk

March Morning, Sunrise

February 2017

beautiful flower lily
The Sun
Beautiful swan
Beautiful clouds
Beautiful Winter Park
Beautiful Winter River

Lily, The Sun, Swan, Clouds, Winter Park, Smile, Winter River

January 2017

Beautiful Winter Park
Winter River
Winter Park
Autumn Leaves under the Snow
Beautiful Winter
Autumn Leaf under the Snow
Beautiful Winter
Christmas Morning

Beautiful Winter, Autumn Leaves under the Snow, Christmas Morning

September 2016

Autumn mist
Autumn leaves
September sun
Loshitskiy Park
Loshitskiy Park

Autumn arrives, September sun, Loshitskiy Park

August 2016

Flower beside the river
Gray heron and egret

Lotus, Full harmony, Flower beside the river, Gray heron and egret

July 2016

Stolen bike - Украденный велосипед
Duck - Утка
Sunset after the rain in Minsk - Закат после дождя в Минске

Stolen bike, It's cold, Sunset after the rain

June 2016

Minsk gray herons - Минские серые цапли
Gray herons - Серые цапли
Gray heron
Blue dragonfly
Herring gull

Gray herons, Blue dragonfly, Herring gull

May 2016

Spring is beautiful, View of Minsk from my balcony, Nesting starling, Swan, Culver, Cars under the blooming pear tree, Loshitskij park, Minsk morning, Duck family, Beaver, Pinsk, Yellow wagtail, Country church...

April 2016

Spring landscape, Ticket to the moon, Spring is coming...

March 2016

Hello Spring, Farewell Winter!

25 February 2016

Birds life

Birds life in winter

18-23 February 2016

Minsk graffiti

Beautiful graffiti of Minsk

February 2016

Swan and blizzard, Yellow brick road

5-6 January 2016

Snow flowers

Snow Flowers

January 2016

Winter landscapes, 50 shades of white, My cabinet, Winter time, Snow and berries, Freezing river, Sun halo

December 2015

Christmas morning, Bike path, Sunrise

November 2015

Beautiful nature of Loshitsa Park

Old apple tree, First snow and ice, Sunrise, Woodpecker, Autumn installation, Beaver's work, Night park, Nuthatch, Beaver tree...

October 2015

Sunset, Misty evening, Dance, Evening mood, Quadro and Single

September 2015

Autumn is Coming

February-August 2015

Winter landscape, 6 AM Sunny St, Footpath to the fairy tale, Before the rain, Morning Mist...


Photo Blog "Day by Day"


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Contents of the 'DIGITAL PHOTO WORLD' gallery

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